Dancing is the Answer

I know what you’re thinking, dancing…? I can’t dance!

That you’ve two left feet and got no rhythm?

Don’t want to make a fool of yourselves in front of the year 5’s?

Many primary teachers have limited dance experience and may lack the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach dance to their class. But what can’t be ignored is the fact that including dance in P.E. curriculums can provide positive experiences for pupils who may not enjoy traditional instruction.

We all know that pupil who is the first to audition for the school play, who loves being in the choir, who makes up dance routines in the school yard …yet aren’t they often the same pupils who steer away from any performance linked to school sports?

Primary Dance UK can help provide potentially life changing dance delivery to your school. When we say life changing, we mean reaching out to that pupil who loves to dance but hates P.E. and helping them to find a physical activity that really works for them.

So why do teachers find it so hard? We know it’s often because people find dancing embarrassing and it creates a wave of social anxiety when the word ‘Dance’ is mentioned within a PE lesson. We want teachers to help us promote dance and help avoid any discomfort or distress when children perform routines. We need to you to be the role model for the reluctant dancer, as well as being the inspiration for those P.E.-phobic pupils. That’s why if you can overcome the ‘fear’ of dancing with the help of our professional routines, you really can be the answer for the reluctant dancer AND the reluctant athlete.

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