Primary School Dance and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is hot on the agenda for the DfE in 2019. They have recently commissioned a large study across the UK to determine the effects of mindful activity on child mental health.

Primary school dance is the perfect mindful activity. The concentration required by pupils to engage with the dance steps and focus on the movement of the body brings the mind to the present moment. And that’s exactly what being mindful is all about.

As part of our primary school dance CPD training days, we help teachers to build mindful dance into their P.E. curriculum AND into their classroom practice. Our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 dance lesson plans support teachers to deliver dance as a tool for mindful activity which promotes mental wellbeing in pupils.

We know dance promotes improved pupil mental health and wellbeing, so do key organisations such as Young Minds, Bupa, the NHS and Mind. Recently, Darcy Bussell has pinned her very experienced colours to the mast with her show ‘Dancing to Happiness’. So what are you waiting for? It’s a no brainer… Dance your class to happiness with Primary Dance UK today.

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