Why competitive dance offers more than most sports.

Primary schools generally offer a fantastic range of competitive sporting opportunities. But when was the last time your school went to a dance competition for primary schools?

Let me try to explain to you why competing in dance is so important for our children:

When a child competes in team sports, they are required to perform as part of a unit. There is an equal expectation placed on all pupils within the team, and often a failure on the part of one team member can lose the game for the rest of the group. Then follows the chorus of tutting and groaning directed at the poor unfortunate who made the mistake. Oh the pressure!

And the additional factors contributing to the win or lose situation are wide ranging: the other team’s skill set; how much time has been dedicated to practice; whether there is a specialist trainer in the school; whether pupils get the opportunity to perform and practice the sport outside of school; level of support provided by parents… it certainly isn’t a level playing field.

Our vision for primary school dance competitions is simple. Step 1: provide all pupils with the same set dance routine. Step 2: provide all pupils with the same teaching techniques and expertise. Step 3: run competitions where every child can celebrate their own level of achievement…not just the 11 sporty ones that get picked for the team.

We believe that primary school dance competitions should be fun, rewarding and inclusive experiences for all; that’s why we provide the routines, break them down, and make them do-able for any child in any class in any school. Primary Dance UK competitions give children the chance to be expressive and to be part of something bigger whilst still doing something that’s just for them…their own, very personal achievement.  

And no one tuts at you if you get the steps wrong.

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