Socially Distanced P.E. lessons: Dance is the answer!

The 1st of June will be the first day back to school for many year 6 and year 1 pupils up and down the UK in over 8 weeks. As excited as many pupils might be to return to some normality and the familiar routines of the school day, strict safety guidelines will make certain activities difficult, particularly those involving equipment. Any equipment that is touched and handled by children and staff needs thoroughly cleaning down after each use; a time consuming and tiresome task.

P.E. lessons are undoubtedly going to be one of the subjects most affected by the measures: striking and fielding, invasion games and any gymnastics involving apparatus becomes difficult to manage safely. Maintaining a distance between pupils in the heat of competitive sports is, unfortunately, nigh-on impossible.

But now, more than ever, pupils who have had limited opportunity for exercise and fitness need the rush of high energy physical activity. Not to mention the many benefits of exercise to mental wellbeing; an important consideration that teachers will no doubt be placing at the forefront of their planning. So when it comes to planning P.E., what is the answer?

You guessed it; DANCE is the answer. All each pupil will require to enjoy a high energy, engaging and socially distanced P.E. lesson is their own small space and some great music. Oh, and fabulous dance routines to follow are a must. That’s where we come in.

Primary Dance UK are committed to enabling every pupil to dance in school, and in these difficult and strange times, pupils need the physical and mental release of engaging dance sessions. Our videos can be played at the front of any classroom or hall with a projector, and pupils can engage fully in the dance lesson whilst maintaining a safe distance from others.

Our lesson plans support every teacher to be able to lead the P.E. dance lessons whilst our videos provide them with the movements for each routine. Each lesson plan works with a variety of themes and cross curricular links are all included. So, your dance lessons can become the starting point for all sorts of creative and exciting projects to complete with both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.

For ideas, support and advice on delivering excellent dance in a socially distanced way, contact Sarah at and let us help you to get your pupils moving (and grooving) again!

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