A little bit about who we are..

Our ethos is simple: primary school dance lessons should be energetic, engaging and fun. We want to equip teachers to deliver excellent dance with minimal stress and workload.

Dance has been proven to increase levels of concentration, reduce childhood obesity and have an overwhelmingly positive effect on pupil wellbeing. However, we understand that there can be various barriers for teachers delivering dance lessons including confidence, time to choregraph dances and low levels of dance subject knowledge.

Primary Dance UK offers your school excellent dance lesson plans for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in current and exciting dance styles such as Streetdance and Cheerleading. Our subscription package regularly supplies new routines with instructional videos and lesson plans to use with your class. Let our choreographers demonstrate the moves through out online interactive resource allowing the class teacher to pause, re-play, slow down and differentiate the content to suit their class.

We make sure you know exactly how to use our dance schemes of work during our primary teacher dance CPD day and follow up visit which is included in your subscription price. We also keep the music and routines up-to-date sending you 16 brand new routines over the full year to suit EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

Your could even become involved in one of our exciting primary school dance competitions to increase your school’sĀ  opportunitiesĀ for competitive sports.

What we will help you achieve..

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