Primary Dance UK FAQs

This page shows our detailed Frequently Asked Questions, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further queries, or would like to arrange a phone call with Sarah to discuss your school’s needs.

Do we need an internet connection to access the dance resources?

Yes, to access the portal you will need a reliable internet connection, although lesson plans can be printed out for use any time.

Is this a Dance scheme of work?

This is not a ‘traditional’ dance scheme of work in that it doesn’t have lesson plans that revolve around the same theme or concept. However, the 8 lessons that we release per subject show progression from dance 1 – dance 8 and build on skills learned in previous dances. We also make links to a broad range of topics and themes with our lesson plans that can be mixed and matched with your planned themes for the year.

Once we have the routines, are they ours to keep?

The routines are yours to use for the duration of your one year membership subscription. The nature of our resource is that it is constantly kept up dated with new, relevant routines, which you receive every 6 months with additional bonus routines in between, so content is removed after 12 months on the platform and is replaced with new material. You will be unable to download any of the content to your device to protect the copyright of our material.

Can I download the routines/lesson plans?

The lesson plans can be printed if you prefer to have them in paper form. The routines exist only on the platform to prevent them being shared amongst non-members and copyright being breached. They can be accessed at anytime, anywhere providing there is an internet connection available.

Can I share the school’s password with the pupils/parents?

We usually prefer schools not to hand out their passwords to pupils and parents, as this is a resource for schools to use for their benefit. However, due to the school closures in 2020, we made it possible for schools to share this with pupils learning from home.

Do you provide assessment materials?

Yes, we provide 5 different ways of measuring impact. These include: showing improvements in pupil and staff attitude to dance, assessment grids relating to National Curriculum aims, assessment grids relating to Lancashire’s dance aims and also ways to measure improvements in heart-rate recovery for older pupils. We also provide a sample action plan to help PE co-ordinators to plan, record and analyse the impact of PDUK resources.

When are your competitions?

We aim to run competitions three times per year. Our main competitions are currently in Lancashire each term. If this is too far for your school to travel, we can arrange online competitions or run a competition in your area by inviting other schools local to you to buy a ‘competition only’ subscription package. Membership subscription all include a maximum of 15 children to enter each competition.

What if there is no competition taking place in my area?

In some situations, we have offered a competition, workshop or dance celebration just for an individual school if they are unable to attend any of the competitions during their subscription. We will provide certificates and medals for up to 15 children who have showed outstanding performance, dedication to or enthusiasm for dance.

Do we have to pay to enter competitions?

Not if your school has a current Primary Dance membership subscription. Other schools are invited but will need to purchase a competition subscription package.

Can I take part in a competition that is not in the dance style that we have purchased?

Yes. We will send you the relevant routines for the competition for your pupils to practice, at no additional cost, even if it is not a style within your current membership subscription.

Can we trial the product first?

Yes, you can take part in our free trial through our website. This provides at least two weeks’ worth of lessons for you to access for a limited period.

Can you visit us to tell us more about the product? / Can we arrange a meeting to find out more?

Yes, a meeting can be arranged via Zoom or, if your school is within 30 miles of our Nelson, Blackburn or Lincoln offices we are happy to come and spend 30-40 mins showing you how the product can benefit your school and your pupils.

Can we pay monthly for our membership?

We ask for a year’s membership up-front, however if you would like to discuss alternative payment plans with us, please email and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.  

Do we get any loyalty discounts if we sign up for future years?

Yes, all repeated subscriptions receive a minimum of 10% discount which increases each year. This is applicable for additional styles purchased also.

When do new subscriptions start?

Most schools sign up at the beginning of each school year so receive a new bank of routines for all ages and levels in September and then again in February. Schools starting their memberships at a different time will receive the same number of routines over a different 12 month period.

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Who are Primary Dance UK

Jackie Sanderson

Jackie established Sanderson’s Dance in 1976; this has now grown to be one of the largest dance studios in the UK with three dedicated centres and a strong team of 47 members of staff. She feels passionately that all children should have the opportunity to experience dance no matter what their background and hopes that Primary Dance UK will help to make that a reality.

Sarah Hawthorne

Sarah began working as a dance teacher in 2003 and took her passion for teaching a step further in 2012 when she qualified as a primary teacher; she has since taught across Key Stages 1 and 2 and now combines her passion for dance with her teaching role. She feels that all children should have the opportunity to enjoy dance as part of their education and benefit from the many positive effects it has on both physical and mental wellbeing.


The pupils love the Hip-Hop and Cheer dance routines we use from Primary Dance UK. We have been able to provide our pupils with engaging dance sessions without having a dance specialist in the school. It has enabled us to offer an after-school dance club which we haven’t been able to facilitate previously, and we are looking forward to using the resource to bring dance into our PE lessons next year.

Rob Paton

Deputy Head at Hebden Royd School, Hebden Bridge

How Primary Dance can help your school

Watch a sample dance move introduced by Sarah to teach in your lesson today. If you’d like more information on how dance can be best incorporated into your lessons why not schedule a conversation with Sarah today.